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UL listed Type 1CA SPD with high SCCR 200kArms

Product Name: UL listed Type 1CA SPD with high SCCR 200kArms
Application: Power supplies, Telecom, Railway system,PV system, UPS system etc.
Description: SP series SPD is UL1449-4th edition approved SPD. Din-rail designed arc-extinguish SMTMOV ,with window fault indication and optional remote alarm contact. Optional equivalents: OBO V20-C; Phoenix VAL-CP; Dehn DGS(FM);Iskra C(R).


Prosurge SP series surge arrester is UL1449-4th addition approved SPD especially designed for low-voltage power supply system surge protection at the boundaries from lightning protection zone 0B-2 and higher.

It is a din-rail designed surge protective device featuring Prosurge global patent protected TPAE technology design, providing fast and reliable protection for various power supply systems.

Built with special thermally protected MOV with arc-extinguish device, additional window fault indication and optional remote alarm contact, it can monitor the operating status of the surge protector.

It is a very high short circuit current rating of 200kArms, which no need for considering additional over-current protection devices.


Ø  UL listed, UL E319871

Ø  Inbuilt with thermally protected high energy MOV technology (Patented SMTMOV technology)

Ø Large surge energy capability.

Ø Low voltage protection level.

Ø  DIN-rail mountable for easy installation

Ø Degradation failure indication.

Ø Fail-safe,self-protected design

Ø Pluggable module for easy replacement

Ø No additional over-current protection devices required

Ø Meet both standards of UL1449-4th and IEC61643-11:2011


Ø  Power supplies, Telecom, Industrial Automation, Railway systems

Ø Photovoltaic(PV) systems,  UPS systems,  Electricity,  Electrical vehicle charging station, Water treatment systems

Ø Motor control and starter  systems,  AC/DC distribution, Programmable logic controller (PLC),  Power transfer  equipment

Ø HAVC applications, IT/ Data centers,  Applications-AC/DC Drives, LT Panels, MCC, PCC, CNC machines etc.

Ø Medical equipment, Security systems

Model description:

Technical specification :

In accordance with


Category IEC/VDE

Type4CA for type 1/2 application

Max. continuous operating voltage MCOV (VAC/VDC)















Nominal discharge current(8/20) In


Max. discharge current(8/20) Imax


Voltage protection rating

















Response time

≤25 ns

Follow current


Backup fuse(only required if not already provided in mains)

125A gL/gG

Operating temperature range

- 40ºC ~ + 80ºC

Cross-section of connection wire

Single-strand 35mm2; multi-strand 25mm2


35mm DIN-rail in accordance with EN 50022/DIN46277-3

Enclosure material

thermoplastic; extinguishing degree UL94 V-0

Degree of protection


Installation width

1 module, DIN 43880

Thermal disconnector

Internal  green – normal ; red - failure

Remote alarm contact




Approvals, Certifications


Additional data for Remote Alarm Contacts

Remote alarm contact type

Isolated Form C

Switching capability Un/In

AC: 250V/0.5A     DC: 250V/0.1A; 125V/0.2A; 75V/0.5A

Max. Size of connecting wire

Max. 1.5mm2(or # 16AWG)

Modular combination guide:

1P: SP150(-S), SP180(-S), SP275(-S), SP320(-S), SP420(-S),SP550(-S), SP690(-S). Prosurge HIT UL listed Surge Protective Device,Single pole,MOV Technology, MCOV 150- 690Vac, In 20kA 8/20, Imax 50kA 8/20, with remote contact, equivalent to OBO V20-C series, Phoenix VAL-CPseries, Dehn DGS(FM) series, Iskra C(R) serious SPD.

2P: SP150/2P(-S), SP180/2P(-S), SP275/2P(-S),SP320/2P(-S),SP420/2P(-S), SP550/2P(-S),SP690/2P(-S). Prosurge HIT UL listed Surge Protective Device,2+0, MCOV 150-690Vac, In 20kA 8/20, Imax 50kA 8/20, with remote contact.it is combination of 2 x SP (150-690).

PN: SP150/PN(-S),SP180/PN(-S),SP275/PN(-S),SP320/PN(-S),SP420/PN(-S). Prosurge HIT UL listed Surge Protective Device,1+1, MCOV 150-420 Vac In 20KA, Max. 50KA, with remote contact. SP(150-420) + SP255T.

3P: SP150/3P(-S), SP180/3P(-S), SP275/3P(-S),SP320/3P(-S),SP420/3P(-S), SP550/3P(-S),SP690/3P(-S). Prosurge HIT UL listed Surge Protective Device, 3+0, MCOV 180Vac, In 20kA 8/20, Imax 50kA 8/20, with remote contact. 3 x SP(150-690).

4P: SP150/4P(-S), SP180/4P(-S), SP275/4P(-S),SP320/4P(-S),SP420/4P(-S), SP550/4P(-S),SP690/4P(-S). Prosurge HIT UL listed Surge Protective Device, 4+0, MCOV 320Vac, In 20kA 8/20, Imax 50kA 8/20, with remote contact .4 x SP(150-690).

3PN: SP150/3PN(-S),SP180/3PN(-S),SP275/3PN(-S),SP320/3PN(-S),SP420/3PN(-S).Prosurge HIT UL listed Surge Protective Device, 3+1, MCOV 275Vac, In 20kA 8/20, Imax 50kA 8/20, with remote contact. 3*SP(150-420) + SP255T.

Dimension & Circuit diagram :