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More Products

  • Single Needle Air Terminal PS-AT004

    Lightning protection grounding materials,Lightning rod component,Single Needle Air Terminal,Stainless steel material, Large protection volume, Nominal discharge current (In) 300KA
  • Ground Rod Coupling PSGRCP

    Lightning protection grounding materials,Ground Rod Coupling,high-strength silicon bronze, corrosion-resistance
  • Ground Electrodes PSGRE series

    Lightning protection grounding materials,Ground Electrodes,Made of high-strength alloy steels,corrosion-resistance coupling,widely used in power plant,substation, transmission line tower, airport, rail system etc.
  • Square Tape Clamps PSGRC253T

    Lightning protection grounding materials,Square Tape Clamps,made of silicon bronze, used in lightning protection or ground system of Low-voltage power system.
  • Ground Clamp PSGRCT series

    Lightning protection grounding materials, Ground Clamp,made of silicon bronze, designed for conductor, cable, tape and rod connection in lightning protection or ground system of Low-voltage power system.
  • Pre-discharge lightning Air Terminal PS-ESE001

    Pre-discharge lightning Air Terminal, Lightning Rod, Large protected volume, Leader stroke in advance 60μs,Stainless Steel construction,Free maintenance
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